Activities & Dining

Tired of cooking, unable to socialize as much as you used to: Those are the two things we hear most often from seniors who are considering moving to a senior community. Poor food, mediocre activities: Those are the two most common complaints we hear from prospects who are dissatisfied with their current senior community.

At The Montecito we understand that what you do and what you eat throughout each day contributes mightily to your quality of life. That is why we believe in working form the ‘inside out.’  Rather than rely on a corporate office to supply our Activity Calendars and Menus, we rely on our residents’ input. Knowing our community members and working together to create programs and dishes that resonate with our them – that is how we develop our Activity Calendar and Menu items, key ingredients to having a thriving, happy community.


Learn more about our activities and our community via the links below. We update calendars and newsletters monthly, so check back often. Better yet, ask us to have them delivered to you directly at your home!

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Our Artisan’s Grotto dining room is open daily 7am – 6pm to serve you. Looking for a change of scenery? Our Bistro serves dinner daily as well. View our newest menus below!

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Our Residents Love Us

“After my husband’s passing my friends here and all the staff, have helped me to come out of my shell, to teach me all the games like Pokeno and Poker that I never played before. I go to exercises every day, I stay busy and I am happy I live here.”
“I can’t say enough what a joy it is to hear from my parents how much they enjoy living here. Dad told me the food was better “here” than it was back in their old home. After leaving their home of 41 years they have settled in and found a new, easier life.”
D. Oliver
Child of Resident