Activity Calendar

Normally we have one calendar of events and activities for all residents. Because of current covid-virus restrictions, we are creating  two calendars of events each month. One is appropriate for residents who live inside the main building;  the other is designed for residents who live in villas and casitas.

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Our Residents Love Us

“After my husband’s passing my friends here and all the staff, have helped me to come out of my shell, to teach me all the games like Pokeno and Poker that I never played before. I go to exercises every day, I stay busy and I am happy I live here.”
“I can’t say enough what a joy it is to hear from my parents how much they enjoy living here. Dad told me the food was better “here” than it was back in their old home. After leaving their home of 41 years they have settled in and found a new, easier life.”
D. Oliver
Child of Resident