COVID-19 Update

Friends of Artegan

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

In an effort to keep up the communication with each of you, Artegan will continue to share what our communities are doing, what we learn and what measures we are taking to safeguard our residents, staff, families and communities. We want you to understand how our procedures and protocols will affect the day-to-day life of you and your families.

Artegan is implementing the following requirements at all of our locations per the department of health to combat the COVID-19 virus:

  • No visitors shall visit our community until further notice. If you have a loved one that is unfortunately at the end stages of life, one person will be allowed to visit the resident at a time.
    • Screening and temperature monitoring is required for entry. If you do not meet our screening requirements, you will be turned away to protect the safety of all of the residents.
  • If you need assistance, we will help you stay connected to your loved one through phone calls, skype and face time.
  • Daily temperature monitoring and oxygen saturations levels for each of our residents will continue. Should we see an increasing temperature or decreasing oxygen saturation, we will notify you and the primary care provider listed in your loved ones’ record as soon as possible.
  • All communal dining and activities have been closed. We will provide room service for three meals/day until further notice.
  • We are continuing to monitor our staff temperatures at the beginning of each shift as well.
  • We have increased all of the personal hygiene requirements for more frequent completion.
  • We are regularly cleaning all common areas.
  • We will continue to follow our rigorous protocol for resident care.
  • We will implement any new measures or guidelines advised by the CDC as they come to our attention.

It is important to not panic.  However, the virus is spreading and we need to take aggressive measures to protect our residents and you.  We will keep you posted on updates as we navigate through this unfortunate global pandemic. Please don’t hesitate to call the Executive Director at any of our communities should you have questions.

Wishing everyone wellness!

Ronnie Cook – Artegan

Our Residents Love Us

“After my husband’s passing my friends here and all the staff, have helped me to come out of my shell, to teach me all the games like Pokeno and Poker that I never played before. I go to exercises every day, I stay busy and I am happy I live here.”
“I can’t say enough what a joy it is to hear from my parents how much they enjoy living here. Dad told me the food was better “here” than it was back in their old home. After leaving their home of 41 years they have settled in and found a new, easier life.”
D. Oliver
Child of Resident